Rivetz An independent cyber security platform

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Rivetz is a Cyber ​​Security Platform with blockchain technology that works independently, Rivetz Platform is not connected to any operating system so rivetz can work Maximally secure user data from malware / virus that alerts your device. We already know Virus / Malware is very dangerous because it can steal personal data such as passwords, PIN, or private documents that are confidential. By using the Rivetz Platform Users can store their personal data into a special storage integrated by using Blockchain network.

Rivetz is unlike anti-virus / cyber security applications in general. Anti virus / cyber security that is currently still connected with operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android, ios, and many others. Unlike Rivetz, they are hardware or Hardware embedded in the user’s device. Rivetz not only protects their data,it will also work to prevent, analyze, and assess all user activities in order for Malware to not infect the user devices. Rivetz has tested their Platform using processors like Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, Mediatek and many more. The result is rivetz can be used on any device and using any processor.

Recently we have seen News about Hacking that was done by malware / Ransomware Wannacry Virus. Virus is not like a virus in general they do not steal personal data but lock the data so it can not be used. To unlock them back, the victims must send a bit amount of bitcoin or reinstall the computer device to remove the virus. In the future such incidents will never happen if the user uses the Rivetz Platform.

The way Rivetz works is so simple. They enable machine instruction execution according to owner policy. Rivetz checks the status of the device before performing its task. If the conditions match, then the task can proceed. If it does not match, the task will not be allowed. This is an important moment for decentralized cyber security by allowing devices to act on behalf of their owners to make purchases or sign contracts or any number of things. Rivetz is like a storage that serves to store and protect passwords, pins, and private things that are confidential. Without the owner’s consent there is no single application that can connect in the storage. Rivetz provides assurance that the user device is Safe and protected from Malware so that data can not be stolen. Rivetz is unlike other anti virus in general. Rivetz is a combination of Blockchain technology with Trusted Computing, which will Allow transformation into a new paradigm that provides a secure experience when connected to the internet. Anti virus in general is just an application that in your personal device. To run all Features or services on the Rivetz platform the user must use RvT tokens made by Rivetz. The RvT Token is in the blockchain ethereum network of Smartcontract. To get the token you must follow their crowdsales even which will be held at their official website. >>Website Rivetz
Details of Rivetz’s crowdsale event:
Bonus purchase: 20%.
Minimum target: $ 5,000,000.
Maximum target: $ 50,000,000.
Total supply : 200,000,000 RvT
Total for sale: 70,000,000 RvT

The initial Crowdsales implementation was supposed to be held on July 25, 2017 but after dev discussed with some Crypto experts they decided to rewind the event to 10 August 2017.

As Utility Token, Rvt can be traded on the market / exchange with cryptocurrency. And the price will follow the market’s demand. There is lots of benefits that you will gain from the Rivetz project, you will not regret buying the token. From the report International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Total Intenet users around the world is 46% of the total current population or equivalent 3.4 Billion people are already connected to the internet. If half of the internet users were using Rivetz service and use their tokens 1 token each day the total tokens used are 1,700,000 RvT tokens while the total token supply is only 200,000,000 tokens.

According to the law of supply and demand if demand increases and supply is low the price will be expensive. Essentially the price will be set by everyone who holds the token.

To furthermore know about Rivetz Project you can read their whitepaper here: Whitepaper Rivetz

To see the latest information from Rivetz you can visit one of the links below:

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