KRIOS an affiliate management platform with a decentralized system

Marketing is one focal point of any business that seeks to garner interest from customers, as it covers almost all customer-related activities; from product development to consumers, to attract customers, maintain customer base, serve customers and make sure they are satisfied. Finding relevant affiliates and also supporting the product of a company becomes difficult with things like fraud and others, plus it’s also time consuming. If companies want to effectively harness the components of their ads campaigns, they need to apply a team of graphic designers, content managers, advertising managers, influencers, and more while trying to coordinate across different platforms, time zones, banking systems and currencies.
Krios is the perfect solution to the problems that digital advertising industry is currently facing because it offers a secure and transparent platform for marketing activities, such as creating ad content or purchasing ad space on a web page. The platform primarily focuses on bringing social media influencers, consultants, advertising managers, creators, graphic designers, copywriters, etc. Together to create cost-effective advertising campaigns that promote brand awareness, promote overall business growth and drive brand loyalty.

The Krios platform connects businesses with the right affiliations so that business owners and marketers can directly influence and attract their target market. The power of social media networks and the use of affiliate marketing is widespread and continues to grow as businesses consistently expanding profits through a wise and efficient connection process with relevant influencers.

Krios offers a simple and efficient process whereby companies send requests that contain information about their products, budgets, needs and timelines. Krios then matches the business with the registered professionals on the network to be chosen by the company to complete the assignment. One of Krios's key value propositions is the improvement of communication channels between the three parties in the advertising model. The Krios Affiliate Network also opens a direct line of communication between the company and the desired influencer that is specifically chosen to fit the business needs.

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"KriosCoin ('KRI') is a standard token of ERC20 based on Ethereal and blockchain technologies. Tokens in the Ethereum ecosystem can represent edible tradable items: coins, loyalty points, gold certificates, IOU, in game items, etc. "

KRI grants user access to the Krios Network ecosystem and enables confidential, secure, personalized and decentralized methods to confirm and perform all transactions within the network. KRI is a utility token that can be used as an account unit between advertisers, publishers, content creators and businesses on digital advertising platforms and new digital based platforms.

KriosCoins is also used to reward participants in the network and KRI holders. 10% of all charges collected from transactions in the network will be distributed proportionally to KRI holders. This allows the network to continue to grow, as professionals produce KRIs, businesses that buy KRIs for transactions, and KRI holders on the Krios platform will get additional Krios-Coins, which further improves ROI for all participants.

Details of ICO Tokens.
Name: KriosCoin
Platform: Ethereum
Ticker: KRI 
Creation: KriosCoins ('KRI') will be created in one token creation event and will be distributed for two stages. After the second round of coin offers, no consecutive KriosCoins will be made. 650,000,000 KRI will be mined at the token creation event. All unsold tokens after round 2 will be burned.
Total Token Supply: 650,000,000 KRI
Hard Cap: 500,000,000 KRI will be available to the public throughout the initial coin offer rounds. Backup: 150,000,000 KRI has been dedicated to participants of Team, Developer, Founder, Investigator and Bounty.
Contribution received: ETH, BTC and USD
Minimum Transaction Amount: 0.04 ETH.
Token Sales Period.

ROUND 1 PRE-SALE: KriosCoins will be available for purchase on November 17, 2017 and will continue to be credited until November 30, 2017 or when the sales limit before the sale of $ 500,000 USD is reached.
Price: 1 ETH = 4150 KRI
ROUND 2 ICO: KriosCoins will be available for purchase on December 4, 2017 and will continue to be credited until 31 December 2017 or when the ICO coverage of 650,000,000 KRI is distributed is reached.
Price: 1 ETH = 3000 KRI

Team and Advisory Board (15%)
Marketing (15%)
Development (70%) includes: Software development (40%) and business development (30%) 

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