Exchase All in One Fintech ecosystem

Fintech and blockchain are perfect collaboration. the future of the financial industry coupled with the transparency that blockchain has makes it easy for everyone to accept. although currently people are focused on Financial Decentralization (Defi) but not a few people still accept Centralization. Indeed, Centralization is a failure. for some people this ancient system seems to want to be eliminated on this earth. but we cannot be hypocrites, Decentralization may be good but look at today many problems cannot be solved. no authority means no enforcer, no one to blame if things go wrong. nothing guarantees the safety of assets, and worse without the rules in mind. so developers and owners are free from charges if at any time they commit crimes.
exchase.io all in one fintech platform
Do you guys want something like this to happen? I don't think anyone will. so we have to reflect on Defi. there are many Defi Platforms hacked, do Devs want to take responsibility ? did they hear their users complaints. the answer is no, so Centralization is not that bad is it.

That's why I introduced my newest Fintech project, this project called Exchase. Revolutionary Fintech that brings All-in-one on their platform. users will be able to enjoy the same services as Defi such as borrowing funds, making payments for goods and services, or making them an investment asset. Exchase is the future of Fintech for global users. they will not be confined to one country. their services will eventually cover the whole world, all this can be done thanks to the help of Blockchain and smartcontrac.

the problem we are facing right now is the hacking of personal assets and data. plus complicated KYC procedures make everyone uninterested in a centralized based platform. and often KYC is also misused, a lot of user data is leaked and sold just to make money. the crypto market today also looks the same nothing exciting. all pairs in every market are the same, nothing is different. BTC, USDT, and Ethereum are the main references in every market. Only a few markets offer to trade with Fiat Pairs. and such markets only focus on one user group in a particular country, the result is no support for those not from that country. on the other hand, the complicated interface is often a problem for beginners who are just starting with trading. or the lack of language provided by the platform, not all markets provide languages ​​for every country. and these problems have not been resolved to this day. but exchase provides a Solution to this important problem.
exchase.io all in one fintech platform
And this is the Solution that Exchase provides for the crypto community:
1. Secure storage of personal assets and data.
Exchase will provide a Dedicated encrypted place to store personal data and user Assets. and don't forget they will do periodic testing to ensure its safety.

2. Exchase is a Law-abiding Project
Exchase has licenses and permits to carry out their activities. it means they are fully obedient to the applicable regulations. This is important Centralization, they can get legal recognition from the state. and make it a legal company.

3.Spot, Margin, Futures, Anonymous Trading and Decentralized Exchange (Dex)
not all markets have all of these services and this is where Exchase lies. like their Tagline, Fintech is revolutionary. they provide Futures trading, Forex and crypto trading, Binary Options, and Social Trading, and DEX on one Fintech platform. so there will be many trading options that you can use on the Exchase platform later.

4. Simple interface and support for languages ​​in each country
The interface on each trading platform is very complex. too many boxes, charts, and buttons to understand before trading there. Exchase is different, they will make a beginner-friendly Platform. and don't forget they also provide language support for everyone. No more people have trouble understanding what is explained on the Exchase platform.

5. transaction speed
The most important part of any exchange is its speed. The core of the Exchase trading system is capable of processing around 2,000,000 requests per second.  According to the team of analysts, this figure is optimal for ensuring high transaction processing speed without needing to deploy additional capacity that would be idle.
that's the solution that exchase provides for the crypto community. Exchase will also provide services that are no less attractive, namely Fund loans. The same services as Defi will be enjoyed in 2021. users will be able to borrow funds with crypto asset collateral. and in 2021 every verified user will receive a debit card. This card can be used to pay for services and goods. Each card will be given a different limit depending on user activity on the Exchase platform. This card can be used offline or online and is valid at merchants working with Exchase.

Exchase is living proof that centralization is not that new. this system is still acceptable in the future. with the help of Blockchain, they were able to create quite an attractive platform. I can't wait to see their development.
exchase.io all in one fintech platform
for those of you who are interested in this project, you can go to their website, or have a live discussion with the dev and people who are interested in this project their telegram group. I will include the link below.

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